BIG Capabilities... build whatever you need to be successful. From blueprint to ribbon cutting, the Flynn Bros. Projects team is with you every step of the way. Our grassroots ingenuity of working in tough climates means you won’t get a cookie-cutter solution.

You get the structure you need to grow your business, built by a company you trust. 

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What is the Difference Between Flynn Bros. Projects and the Billion Dollar Builders?

Flynn Bros. Projects deliver the same commercial buildings with way less overhead, and way more 1x1 time. This also means if you want to build something extraordinary we don’t have to clear it with corporate. In fact, we’ll even give you a proposal outlining how we can help build your business - free of charge.

Built in 1975, FBP has proven itself as experts in design, fabrication, construction and maintenance. What started as building grain storage systems across the prairies has transformed into constructing commercial buildings and using our expertise to support the metal fabrication needs for industry. Quality, innovation and value is how we built our business. Allow us to prove how we offer BIG Capabilities to build yours on time and on budget. 

Every project starts with a strong foundation rooted in family values. As an employee-owned business, every single person on our team knows what is at stake when you add a new structure to your growing business. We can scale a project right down to the nuts and bolts or help you make that next multi-million dollar facility this year’s business goal.