5 Must-Haves for Constructing a Pre-Engineered Metal Building

When it comes to constructing a new building, there are crucial factors to consider to ensure that the final product meets your needs and is safe and functional for those who will use it.

Beyond the technical specifications of the building, balancing factors such as aesthetics, long-term business strategy, and an understanding of how you want your business to grow may seem overwhelming at first. With these tips and some guidance from a team of experienced design build professionals, you could be growing faster and more effectively.

Read on for five things you should keep in mind when designing and constructing a new building.

Commercial Building Must-Haves

  1. Understanding Land use Bylaws and Building Codes: Before you begin the construction process, you will need to ensure that your proposed location is zoned for your intended use and that the plans for the building comply with local building codes. These codes and regulations could restrict the size and height of the building, specify the number of parking spaces required, and dictate the materials that can be used in construction. Failure to comply with these requirements can result in costly delays and fines.

  2. Accessibility: Another important consideration is accessibility for people with disabilities. The Canadians with Disabilities Act (CDA) requires that commercial buildings be accessible to individuals with disabilities. This includes providing wheelchair ramps and elevators, as well as ensuring that doorways, restrooms, and other spaces are wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs. This will become increasingly important as Canada moves towards total accessibility by 2040.

  3. Energy Efficiency: With the rising costs of energy, it is becoming increasingly important to construct energy efficient buildings. This can include installing energy-efficient lighting and HVAC systems, using insulated building materials and incorporating natural light to reduce the need for artificial lighting. Not only does it make sense for the environment, but it can also result in cost savings in the long run.

  4. Safety: Safety is a crucial aspect of any new building. This includes providing fire escapes and smoke detectors, as well as ensuring that the building can withstand natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes. It’s also important to consider the safety of the people working and living in the building and make sure it is accessible for emergencies; thus, fire exits and fire alarms are an essential part of the commercial building planning process.

  5. Flexibility: Lastly, you should consider the flexibility of the building’s design. Even if you have a specific use in mind for the building, it’s important to consider the possibility that your needs may change in the future. This may involve designing the building with the ability to easily reconfigure the space to meet different needs, or building in the capability to add on to the structure if necessary. By considering flexibility in the design, you can ensure that the building will meet your needs for years to come. Here is where a design building team like Flynn Bros Projects can help you envision a safe, profitable, and adaptable future for your new commercial building.

What If My Build Doesn’t Meet These Requirements?

An incomplete build plan is an expensive build plan. When your commercial building plans don’t align with the needs listed above, you could be facing significant delays in new blueprints, materials, and construction teams. With crews booked months or years in advance, having a robust plan in place could mean the difference between opening on time and budget and not opening at all until new capital can be secured.

Worse still is completing the build and failing inspections upon completion. This is why Flynn Bros works closely with our consultants, and the local authorities to ensure all work meets expected requirements and no potential issues go unresolved—offering you insight, peace of mind, and security in your business investment.

Building Confidence With Flynn Bros Projects

Building a new facility is a complex and challenging process that requires careful planning and consideration of many different factors. However, so long as you balance your needs today and the needs of your business in the future, you can keep the process as exciting as the day you started your business.

By keeping these five things in mind – zoning and building codes, accessibility, energy efficiency, safety and flexibility, you can help ensure that your new building meets your needs, is safe and functional for those who will use it and can adapt to changing circumstances.

Are you looking for more information on launching your commercial building project? Get in touch with Flynn Bros Projects today to start a free consultation.

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