ABSA Certification News Release

Edmonton, Alberta, [01/20/2023] — Flynn Bros Projects is pleased to announce that we are now certified by the Alberta Boilers Safety Association (ABSA) for your pressure piping needs.

Flynn Bros Projects decided to broaden our capabilities and add pressure pipe fabrication to our resume. Being certified to fabricate pressure piping allows us to expand our client base and to offer more services to our existing clients.

Fabricating pressure piping is a sophisticated process that requires precision, accuracy, and care. Pressure piping can be found in:

  • Electric power generating stations,
  • Industrial and institutional plants,
  • Geothermal heating systems,
  • Central and district heating and cooling plants,
  • Petroleum refineries,
  • Chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, semiconductor and cryogenic plants, and
  • Any related processing plants and terminals.

To ensure the safe operation, the piping systems must be fabricated from durable materials in strict accordance with fabrication specifications in order to withstand harsh and demanding environments.

Pressure pipe fabrication is a critical component of many industries and businesses. Having a partner you can trust will help maintain safe working conditions in your facility.

FBP has been a key contractor in multiple construction industries since 1975. We have established a successful track record for a wide variety of clients and for over 40 years we have provided western Canada with construction services and design-build solutions.

“We are very excited to now, also offer pressure piping fabrication services to our clients.” – Laurier Cloutier, FBP Shop Manager.

“Over the past few years, we have added key individuals to our FBP family, and their pipe fabrication knowledge has set FBP on a path for great success.” – Jeff Cory, FBP General Manager.

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