The Future of Commercial Construction: Trends Shaping Tomorrow’s Design Build Skylines

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Hello there, forward-thinkers!

Since 1975, we’ve navigated new landscapes in commercial construction. If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that decisions made today will shape the skylines of tomorrow. From impressive builds with towering heights to the small details of facades that make family businesses memorable stops, there’s no wrong way to start thinking about how your build will look and operate in the future.

With emerging trends influencing how we approach building projects, staying ahead of the curve is crucial to ensure long-term profitability and success for our design build clients. In this blog, we'll explore important factors that we and our clients are balancing to build the future of commercial construction (plus how partnering with Flynn Bros Projects can set you on the path to building your business’ legacy.)


Sustainable and Green Building Practices

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For even small businesses, sustainability in building design is more than just a buzzword—it’s a tax-saving necessity.

Flynn Bros Projects leads the charge by integrating eco-friendly materials and construction techniques into our commercial building projects. Structural steel and pre-engineered materials are among the many components that cut costs while offering our clients a high level of customization. Additionally, carefully implementing green technologies into designs and adhering to sustainable building standards ensure that your commercial space is cost-effective and environmentally responsible.

Not all builds are fresh, especially on land you’ve come to make your own. If you’re looking for structural repairs instead of a new building, we’re experts at working with existing foundations to create sustainable growth. Check out our case study on bringing Canadian Agri-Blend back from fire damage here!


Cost-Savings Through Smart Technology and Design

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For our clients, future-proofing their business through cost-saving design has never been so important. As fans of emerging technologies transforming industrial and grain-handling practices, we are eager to implement long-term savings by deploying technology that works for your business. Not sure where to start? We’re happy to walk you through what a retrofit could do to help you stay profitable for years to come.

With Alberta being above the national average for industrial electrical costs, working with our team to save money through intelligent design could be the hidden factor you’re looking for in your next build.


Modular and Prefabricated Construction for Fast, Affordable Builds

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Efficiency and speed are paramount in the prairies, and Flynn Bros Projects recognizes the value of your time. Through elements of structural steel and pre-engineered materials, we use modular and prefabricated construction alongside your design specifications to create new spaces that work for even the most demanding of industrial machinery.

The design build approach Flynn Bros Projects uses accelerates project timelines and offers unparalleled flexibility and adaptability in design, ensuring that your commercial space evolves with your business needs. After all, growing into your business through a well-planned build is a cost-effective way to make the most of your real estate investment.


Melding Warehouses, Industrial Use, and Sales Space

As urban spaces become denser and land costs increase, the trend toward mixed-use buildings gains momentum. We understand the importance of creating sustainable businesses in both urban and rural environments and excel by working your vision and company aesthetic into the spaces we construct. By seamlessly integrating commercial spaces with the industrial demands of your business, we contribute to developing dynamic spaces that support your customers' and employees' well-being and sales needs.

A great example is our work with Refrigerative Supply Warehouse in Calgary, where we built an 8,000 sq ft mezzanine and 8,000 sq ft office and sales space to complement the neighbouring warehouse space, ensuring a business that thrived as a one-stop-shop solution.

Starting Your Design Build

Architects, developers, and commercial planners take note: the future is now, and it starts in the details.

The future of commercial construction is shaped by those who embrace innovation and stay close to emerging trends. Flynn Bros Projects is eager to be your partner in building the commercial spaces of tomorrow—from sustainable practices and cutting-edge technology to pre-engineered construction and smart buildings.

Ready to build your commercial building of the future? Look no further. Contact Flynn Bros Projects today and embark on a journey to better shape the skyline and the success of your business.

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